Basketball Tips – How to Improve Your Dribbling

Robert Mafes

Robert Mafes

To become a good dribbler, you need to know the proper technique for dribbling the basketball. Dribbling begins with the dominant hand, and you must extend your arm and snap your wrists to push the ball back toward the ground. Your bounce should be either to the front of your body or the side of your foot, and you must be quick and steady as you dribble. Basketball Tips – How to Improve Your Dribbling.

Your dribbling technique can make or break your game. For instance, when you first start dribbling, it is essential to keep your head up. This will give you a clearer view of your teammates and the defense on the court. You should also keep your stance low and bend your waist to keep your body balanced.

Develop your touch and feel for the ball coming off the backboard

If you’re having trouble hitting a shot, you must learn how to develop your touch and feel for the ball coming off the backboard. The best way to do this is to do a backboard drill before you start shooting. Please do this from various angles to get a good feel for how the ball reacts when it hits the backboard.

Improve your jump shot

If you want to improve your jump shot, you must focus on the technique. It would help if you kept your elbows straight, and your hand should extend straight towards the rim. It would help if you also focused on a flick of the wrist that will provide the ball with spin and momentum. The next tip involves avoiding the “hook shot,” which occurs when your body is not directly facing the basket and should be avoided.

While practicing your jump shot, always try to land in the same spot you started the trial. This will ensure that your form stays compact and that the ball flies straight to the basket. An excellent way to practice this is to jump from a piece of tape. When you land, look down and see if you landed right on the video. If you did, try to land straighter up and down.

Develop your defensive stance

Developing your defensive stance when playing basketball is integral to the game. When defending, you must keep your head and shoulders level, maintain your torso centered, and keep your feet a shoulder’s width apart. This will help you avoid a blow-by. You can also train your body to remain in a defensive stance by using agility drills such as cone hurdles and defensive slides.

Developing your defensive stance when playing basketball is integral to being a good basketball player. The correct view is essential to basketball fundamentals, so practice it regularly. You can also observe some of the best players in the NBA to learn how they maintain a good stance.

Improve your post-up moves

Practicing your post-up moves will allow you to take advantage of the space on the court. You can create a gap in front of the defense and shoot your jumper by dribbling in and out of the paint. You can also create an attacking edge against smaller defenders by performing an inside pivot.

While a layup is one of the most efficient shots in basketball, there are several other post moves to practice. You can also practice fadeaways, jump hooks, and hook shots. All of these moves offer excellent scoring opportunities. Try practicing each activity in scrimmages or against a defender.

Improve your three-point shot

Several tips and strategies can help you improve your three-point shot. You must keep your shooting form, release correct, and stay within your range. The best way to do this is to practice shooting all-net threes as often as possible. This will improve player’s fitness levels and help you hit your shots, even if you are tired.

First, you should have the same form on all shots. Many players make mistakes in their shooting form because they were weak when they started and tried to change it as they grew more assertive. The best way to develop your shooting form is to practice it and become patient.