Basketball Tips to Help You Succeed

Robert Mafes

Robert Mafes

Whether you’re playing basketball for a team or just for your own enjoyment, there are several basketball tips that you can utilize to make your game better. From improving your shooting range to dribbling with your weak hand, here are some tips you can apply to help you succeed.

Dribble with your weak hand

Developing the ability to dribble with your weak hand will significantly help basketball. It will give you an advantage on the court and help you improve your passing and defense. This is because it will help you keep your opponents guessing.

The best way to learn how to dribble with your weak hand is to practice. You can do this by practicing some drills that you will find on CoachUp. You can also ask a private trainer for more specific help.

The best drills to improve your weak hand skills are ones that involve dribbling with both hands at the same time. This will help you improve your coordination and ball-control skills and your ability to make a push pass.

One drill that you can use to dribble with your weak hand while sprinting is the alternate two-ball dribble. One player takes a turn dribbling with both balls while the other player is holding a ball in each hand.

Dribble from the right side of the court

Good dribbling skills can allow you to get more opportunities on the court. This is because dribbling requires less space than other skills. In addition, dribbling can confuse defenders and give you more thinking time. Dribbling can also help you get free and escape traps. It is also great to get around defenders in an open court.

The first thing you should do when dribbling is put your weight on your left foot. You should also roll your right hand over the ball. Then you should make a hard dribble toward your left. You should also go hard around your opponent.

If you want to practice dribbling, you can use cones. You can also do basketball drills in front of the TV or the gym. The exercises will help you learn the various dribbling moves.

When dribbling, you should keep your head up to see. Also, try to keep your eyes on the coach.

Improve your shooting range

Increasing your shooting range can be daunting, but it can be done with a bit of work. Here are a few tips and tricks for improving your content.

The most important part of a good shot is generating enough power from your legs to drive the ball into the basket. To do this, jump higher and position your feet correctly. This will give you more control and increase your range.

Another trick for increasing your range is to shoot the ball over the backboard. This can be done with some skill and finesse. You need to shoot the ball for a split second before the top of your jumping motion. This will allow you to hit the target.

The best way to improve your shooting range is to practice various shots. You should try to shoot at least three different images per practice session. You can practice this at home or in the gym.

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