Disney Movies Coming Out in 2022.

Robert Mafes

Finding Dory will be getting a sequel soon. The sequel will be directed by Angus MacLane and will star James Brolin, Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Dale Soules, and others. If you are a fan of the disney movies original hit movie, you might want to watch this one, too.

Hocus Pocus 2

The Hocus Pocus sequel is set for a Halloween 2022 release on Disney+. While the film’s plot is unknown, a new trailer has been released. In the trailer, we see two girls performing a ritual, and Winifred’s book of spells is opened with a creepy singular eye. A black flame candle is then lit.

Anne Fletcher, who directed the first film, is now running the sequel. Adam Shankman was initially slated to direct the sequel but later announced scheduling conflicts that prevented him from directing the film. However, Shankman has stayed on as the executive producer.

The new trailer looks fantastic! The cast seems to be pretty similar. The actors are all returning for the sequel, which will be available to watch on Disney Plus on September 30. In addition to Parker, Midler and Najimy will return to reprise their roles. Other actors returning to reprise their roles include Whitney Peak, Lili Buckingham, and Belsa Escobedo.

Cinderella movie sequel

Disney’s Cinderella movie sequel is coming out in 2022, with a new cast of voice actors. While the original movie starred Ilene Woods, still alive, the sequel cast includes a new form of voice. This is because the original film’s voice actress was considered too old for the role due to her advanced age. So instead, Jennifer Hale was cast in the role because she had already played a part in the House of Mouse.

The plot of the Disney Cinderella movie sequel is essentially the same, although there are some minor differences. The main characters are the same, though. The Fairy Godmother and the mice play an essential role in plot. In the original movie, the mice are the main characters, but in the new film, they have new parts. The mice narrate the story of the Cinderella movie sequel.

In the sequel, the story will be about the stepsisters, Anastasia, and her younger stepsister, Prince Charming. Anastasia has fallen in love with a baker, but her mother and sister want her to marry a rich man. This is the first time she goes against her mother. The story will feature a younger Anastasia, who is determined to follow her heart.

Thor: Ragnarok sequel

A new Thor: Ragnarok sequel is in the works, with Love and Thunder debuting just under two months ago. As the sequel to the 2017 film “Thor: Ragnarok,” it tackles topics such as mid-life regret, terminal illness, and killing gods. It also stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

This sequel follows the first Thor film, which helped define the tone of the MCU in recent years. However, while the first Thor was set 300 years ago, Ragnarok took place in the present day, and the plot revolves around the return of Jane Foster.

In addition to Thor: Ragnarok, two other sequels are in the works, with “Love and Thunder” set for the 2022 release. Angus MacLane, who directed the 2016 film, will lead the sequel and star James Brolin, Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, and Dale Soules.

Ice Age adventure

The next Ice Age movie is set to premiere on Disney+ on January 28, 2022. The film has a new poster and trailer featuring many franchise characters. While this may be disappointing for fans, it is an excellent move for Disney. Having the Ice Age brand back on the Disney+ platform will be nice.

The new film will be directed by John C. Donkin, who previously worked on the first two sequels and several spinoff shorts. This will be Donkin’s first time directing a feature film, and he will also produce it. Crash and Eddie will be played by Vincent Tong and Aaron Harris, respectively, instead of Josh Peck. This is the first film from Bardel Entertainment, and it is the first Disney+ animated film based on the “Ice Age” franchise.

The next Ice Age movie will feature the wacky possum brothers Crash and Eddie. The film will follow their quest for independence. Crash and Eddie must learn to be brave and think for themselves. The cast of the new movie includes Simon Pegg, who voices the title character Buck Wild, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Justina Machado as Zee.